Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring; Things I'm digging


Bright Nail Polishes
 Hot Pink Lipstick
Tons of accessories

Victoria Secret Juiced Berry Body Mist
Studded Heels
Big Rings

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lauren Conrad;Fashion Icon

I'm sure  I'm not the only one that is in love with lauren conrad or her style.Watching her growing up and seeing her as a fashion icon.she has an amazing style and ispiring look.Looking for love but also didn't forget her carrer in that process or let it bring her down.She's a girl that you see yourself in and sets a really good role model for girls who are looking forward to be something in the Fashion Industry!I personally LOVE her :)!
These are some of her cute looks.


Spring is one of my favorite seasons; flowers ,sunshine and warm weather.What's better?Spring break is only few days away ,and I'm planning to spend mine at the lake house  with some friends !it's going to be great. it was 85 degree yesterday .So of course I spent my day at the lake house;Fishing, laying in the sun and being surrounded by great people made it a perfect day.Oh and did I mention that I also caught a Frog ?(let it go after playing with it )And I held it ?Lol I never touched a Frog before !haha Anyways hope you had a great weekend and ready for Monday !

Monday, April 11, 2011


Yesterday I went on a shopping spree with my friends toThe Mall Of Georgia.Even though i was hurt from my fall the day before that didn't stop me from going and treating myself  because i needed it .I got really cute stuff from American Eagle ,Forever21,H&M and Papaya .Over all the day was perfect , I had everything a girl needs;Great friends,food,great weather,Starbucks alonng with many other things.
Last but not least ,I want to say thank you to Carli Keene ( keeping me sain and not letting me use my card,just use cash because I would've spent all of my money in the mall and end up broke .so thanks Carli :) love ya !
Love you all and thanks for taking the time to read my blog !
Good bless

Way to start the weekend!

Hey Everyone,so Friday which was April 8 I was attempting to have fun and ride the scooter down the hell. Well , it was going really fast but i was doing good until i decided to try to stop it ;I couldn't because it was going way too fast and i was wearing flip flops.Any who,I fell and i hurt myself really bad .
But that didn't stop me from going to sleepover at my friend's house and have fun :).

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lets Get It Started !

Hey girls,so my friend Carli who's known as Peechy Keene and I decided to start blogging.Blogging about Beauty,Fashion,boys,life,food and basically everything so that should be interesting .My name is Raneen and I am 17 years old .I'm a high school student. I have a pretty interesting life. I love shopping and everything has to do with fashion and i have a lot of other hobbies which you'll know more about when I get started on blogging !I hope you like what i post on here.Love you all and thanks for following me and reading my blog !